Farrell's pregame thoughts, part 1

ST. LOUIS--John Farrell, as he does before each postseason game, met with Red Sox beat reporters before Sunday night's Game 4 of the World Series. Here is the first part of that conversation:

• Did [Allen] Craig have to touch the plate for the final run to count?

“My understanding, no. Once the obstruction call [is made], he’s awarded the base. That’s how I view it.

“My understanding, it’s a moot point.’’

• As someone was noting how tough sleep is after a tough loss, Farrell said: “Who slept?’’

“I mean, the move, the double switch is the one that was missed. What I find unknowing is if David Ross is in that spot -- strike his name -- if any other position player is in that spot, is it a guarantee of a home run, which some people to think is a given?’’

• Once he didn’t make double switch, still any thought to hitting Mike Napoli for Brandon Workman?

“I was looking to get three innings combined out of Workman and Koji [Uehara]. I felt like those were -- in a tie game, even on the road, I’m not reluctant to use the closer, obviously. It felt like those were our two best relievers.

“And I felt like after [Trevor] Rosenthal was out of the game, I felt the advantage swung back to our side with those two guys available. That was my reasoning.

“Setting aside the double switch, at that point I wasn’t going to pinch hit, because I felt there was still the need to get three innings combined out of the two.’’

• Why not walk [Jon] Jay with first base open? Did that come into play at all?

“As good as Koji is, I don’t want him to be backed into a corner, with the bases loaded.’’

• Even though Uehara doesn’t walk anybody?

“Even though he’s a guy who doesn’t walk people, yes. I mean, we recorded the out. So, a great play by Dustin that gets overlooked in all of this, but no, I wasn’t thinking about walking him.’’

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