Lester comes to defense of Ortiz

David Ortiz has gotten a lot of praise over the past few days for his World Series MVP performance (he was 11 for16 and had a .760 on-base percentage for the Series), but it’s also raised more skepticism from some in the media about how a 37-year-old can do something like that without the help of performance-enhancing substances.

One of the biggest cynics has been ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd, who says performances like Ortiz’s makes him suspicious about possible PED use. Cowherd had Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester on his show Friday and brought up the issue.

“I think you couldn’t be more wrong with [Ortiz],” Lester said. “The biggest thing with David is you really haven’t seen the power numbers spike up or anything like that. I think he’s just become more of a complete hitter. I heard him say the other day in an interview that he really prepares a plan before every game on how he’s going to approach certain starters or certain pitchers he might face that day. He never wavers from that plan. I think that’s what has made him a really good hitter. He takes his walks. It’s not like he’s going up there and all of a sudden hitting 50 homers and driving in 140. He’s hitting his normal home run total that he’s hit his entire career.”

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