Ortiz's latest big hit: Letterman

Being World Series MVP has its perks, such as being on "Late Show with David Letterman."

David Ortiz appeared on the late-night show Monday, looking very sharp after getting his beard trimmed for charity earlier in the day.

In addition to teasing Ortiz about the Red Sox's beards and giving him a chance to show off the World Series trophy, Letterman talked to Ortiz about the role he and the Sox played in the aftermath of the Marathon bombings.

"The first day at Fenway, I saw a lot of faces expecting something special to happen," Ortiz said of the first game in Boston after the bombings, "and me being one of those faces -- I was just on the other side trying to play baseball. I expressed myself the way I felt at the time."

Letterman then goaded Ortiz into repeating his famous decree, expletive deleted, of course.