Damon weighs in on Ellsbury's move

Appearing on ESPN Radio's "Sedano & Stink" show, Johnny Damon, who preceded Jacoby Ellsbury as a big-name center fielder leaving the Red Sox to sign with the hated Yankees, said he's sure it was a tough move for Ellsbury, but that folks in Boston should be happy with Ellsbury since he helped bring two World Series titles to the city.

Asked about making the move from Boston to New York, Damon said, "When I was a free agent, I did not want to leave Boston, I left my heart and soul on the field, but unfortunately us players aren't the ones making those decisions. The owners are the ones who are paying us. They're running their team and they're running it the way that they want.

"Boston wasn't going to give [Ellsbury] more than four years, maybe. It's just the way they do things now.

"I think Jacoby's going to be great for New York. That porch is going to be very inviting for him."

In comparing playing in the two cities, Damon said, "New York's a little bit easier to play in because there's so much going on. New York always wants to try to get better and now I feel like New York has a chance to win.

"This kind of tells people they're trying to win right now."