Notes: Salty talks Sox; Maddon on Ellsbury

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- A few quick hits before back-to-back media sessions with Red Sox manager John Farrell and GM Ben Cherington:

* Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, accompanied by his wife Ashley, three daughters, and agent Jim Munsey, was introduced formally by the Miami Marlins, who signed the former Sox catcher to a three-year, $21 deal. That was significantly better than the offer made by the Sox, who presented Saltalamacchia with a two-year package that would have maxed out at $18 million, but only if he met all the performance incentives in his contract.

In the end, the Marlins were the only team to offer the 28-year-old Saltalamacchia a three-year deal.

“I think all the players, everybody wanted the group of guys to stay together,’’ Saltalamacchia said when asked how many of his Sox teammates reached out to him to urge him to remain in Boston. “We had such a good chemistry, we had so much going on, I think they all wanted us to stay together. But they’ve all been there. They understand the situation. They don’t make the calls, just like I don’t make the calls.

“All I can do is put myself in a situation to have a chance to have a job and go play baseball. The Marlins put me in a perfect situation to go ahead and do that in my hometown.’’

Saltalamacchia grew up in West Palm Beach, Fla., about a 90-minute drive from Marlins Park. Marlins GM Dan Jennings described Saltalamacchia as a “proven winner” and a “leader.”

Among the people the Marlins talked to privately while weighing whether to pursue Saltalamacchia was David Ross, who had played with Marlins executive Jeff Conine.

* Rays manager Joe Maddon, asked about how Jacoby Ellsbury going from the Red Sox to the Yankees impacted the dynamics of the AL East, said it had a “push” feel for him.

“The Yankees lost a pretty good player [Robinson Cano], they gained a pretty good player. Boston lost a good player in Ellsbury but they have some nice people in his place also. I don’t know, it kind of has a ‘push’ feel to it. Both of them are going to be really good again. A lot of it is going to speak to the inner dynamic of the clubhouse situation in Boston, and how that’s going to be impacted. I don’t even know how Ellsbury impacts that clubhouse. I have no idea. Losing Cano, and then [Ellsbury] comes in to New York.

“A lot of the behind the scenes stuff is the most interesting part to me. You know what they’re like as players. You know pretty much what to expect when you put them on the field. I don’t know what the dynamic is inside the building, and that’s really important, too. Ellsbury, I think he’s going to show more power in New York, obviously. He can pull the ball, and given that right-center spot, so his home runs will come back up again.

“But I’m curious -- and again, we’ve talked about this -- I don’t really worry about these things. I’m just curious about it.’’

* The Pittsburgh Pirates were mentioned by Pittsburgh-based reporter John Perrotto as having interest in Mike Carp to play first base.