Hall support drops for Schilling, Clemens

There was a pitcher with Massachusetts roots elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday, but no players with Red Sox ties were tapped for the honor.

In voting revealed Tuesday, the 2014 Hall of Fame class will include starter Greg Maddux (97.2 percent of the vote), Billerica native Tom Glavine (91.9 percent) and slugger Frank Thomas (83.7 percent). Seventy-five percent is required for election.

From a Red Sox perspective, starter Curt Schilling saw his support drop from 38.8 percent last year to 29.2 percent (75 percent is required for election). Roger Clemens dropped as well, though not so sharply, from 37.6 percent to 35.4.

The biggest argument for Schilling’s election is his postseason numbers. In 133 1/3 innings, he had a 2.23 ERA with 120 strikeouts and 25 walks. Clemens put up Hall of Fame numbers (seven Cy Youngs, 354 wins) but his connection to performance-enhancing drugs has most voters passing on him.

Both Schilling and Clemens will be on next year’s ballot, garnering more than the 5 percent required to remain.

Below are the results from other players with Red Sox ties who were on the ballot. Of these five, only Lee Smith will be back on next year’s ballot:

Lee Smith -- 29.9 percent

Hideo Nomo -- 1.1 percent

Eric Gagne -- 0.4 percent

Sean Casey -- 0 percent

Todd Jones -- 0 percent

Mike Timlin -- 0 percent