Gomes: 'The beard's coming off'

BOSTON -- When Jonny Gomes showed up for a Red Sox “town hall” event at Northeastern University Wednesday night, his beard was intact. But will it endure?

“No,” he said. “The beard’s coming off. Oh, yeah.”

Different year, different look.

“Like I mentioned before, baseball season is not like a cookie cutter,” he said. “You can’t win last year. I mean, it’s a clean slate, you know. You’ve got to highlight the good, bad and in-between.”

So what does he plan to use for a unifying theme this season?

“I’m running out of shenanigans,” he said.

Based on the reaction of an interested party on Twitter, the last judgment may not have been rendered on whether the beards stay or go. Mike Napoli, whose gargantuan beard has become his signature look, posted this on Twitter: