Breslow getting ready for Spring

BOSTON -- Pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training may be 22 days away but for Red Sox reliever Craig Breslow, there’s no rush to get going in Fort Myers. In fact, Breslow has yet to throw from the mound, a result of the extra month of work the left-hander endured during the Red Sox World Series run.

“I’m throwing pretty comfortably every other day, getting ready to ramp it up,” Breslow said. “I foresee myself getting off the mound in the not too distant future but I think the most important thing is I've been in touch with [pitching coach Juan Nieves] and [manager John Farrell] and the training staff, so we've kind of mapped out a schedule that will work and have me ready for opening day."

Breslow pitched 67 innings across 71 outings last year, his highest total since 2010 with the Oakland Athletics. Feeling the effects of the extra month of work associated with his first career postseason experience, the 33-year-old Breslow said that he was exhausted back in December. Breslow added that Nieves and bullpen coach Dana Levangie plan to keep him and several other relievers from last year’s team from over-exerting themselves early on in spring training.

“I feel like it would be foolish to expect that our spring training schedule should be consistent with what it had been in previous years when we pitched an extra month and had heavier workloads than before,” Breslow said. “The goal here is not to be ready for March, it's to be ready for Opening Day."

Breslow said that he’s a few weeks behind in his normal offseason schedule, one that would have already had him throwing bullpens at this point. However, the left-hander has spent the extra time strengthening his arm in the hopes that another extended season lies ahead.

“I'll gladly take on another long season,” Breslow said.