Sox COO Kennedy recovering from 'A-Rod' hip surgery

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- It's something no team wants to see on the first day of camp, a prominent member of the organization arriving on crutches, four weeks after surgery.

But Red Sox fans can rest easy -- the man on the DL wasn't planning to play this season, anyway. His injury shouldn't affect the team's bottom line, and definitely won't impact the win-loss record.

The man with the crutches was Sam Kennedy, the team's Chief Operating Officer and president of the Fenway Sports Group, who is recovering from no ordinary surgery.

"I had the same operation as A-Rod," Kennedy said Saturday. "Same hospital, and the same doctor."

Kennedy had surgery a month ago to repair a torn labrum and correct an impingement in his right hip, the same procedure Rodriguez underwent a year ago, almost at the same time. The surgery was performed by Dr. Bryan Kelly at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

Former Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell had a similar issue near the end of his career with the Red Sox. He wound up having full hip replacement surgery after he retired.