Asked and answered, spring training edition

The start of spring training spawns a lot of stories about each player, and players are often asked the same questions over and over. ESPNBoston.com thought we'd help by asking the Red Sox to reveal the questions they've been asked the most. Here is your one-stop shopping for all your Red Sox answers.

What question have you been asked the most in spring training?

Dustin Pedroia, 2B: "Do you have a second? My answer is yes, let me eat first."

David Ortiz, DH: "Of course about my contract situation. My answer is that it's not that I want to talk about it. I think I've been too nice answering questions. It's not that I need to talk to anybody about it but my bosses. You guys in the media want to ask me and want an answer, so I give one."

Clay Buchholz, RHP: "Would I like to stay healthy this year? My answer is absolutely."

Xander Bogaerts, SS: "My number, why I picked to wear 2. My answer is growing up I was a Derek Jeter fan. I always liked that Derek Jeter wore 2 and Hanley Ramirez [with the Marlins] wore 2. Those were the kind of guys I liked growing up. Even as a Red Sox player, I haven't been afraid to say I like Derek Jeter. He's one of the few Yankees that everyone, even Red Sox fans, like. He's the Captain. I'm not afraid."

Mike Napoli, 1B: "What are we going to do to repeat? My answer is I'm not really worried about that now. We have to go through spring training. Last year was last year. It's another year and we have new guys in this clubhouse. We have to take things one day at a time. It's hard enough to win one. We're going to come together as a group and work together as a team and go one day at a time."

Will Middlebrooks, 3B: "I'm asked about last year being a down year, which I love hearing about. My answer is turn the page."

Jon Lester, LHP: "About my contract. My answer is we'll see."

Felix Doubront, LHP: "How are you feeling today? My answer is everything is positive and good."

Jake Peavy, RHP: "The question I've been asked most is probably about A.J. Pierzynski and him joining the club because me and A.J. have a history together and played for the same club with the White Sox for a few years. I'd say that or my finger issue. So questions about my health. When you have some health issues, it's almost like you have to answer that question every day. It gets old, but at the same time you understand. My A.J. answer has been that we've been buddies and have played together. I'm closer to him than most guys on this team simply because of the times we've spent together on and off the field. I'm fired up to have A.J. onboard and the intangibles he brings to this team. I think he's going to fit right in and be an integral part. My health answer is my finger is getting better by the day."

Mike Carp, 1B/OF: "How was your shortened offseason? My answer is short. Short but for good reason. We're excited to be back out here."

Shane Victorino, RF: "How's your body feel? My answer is good, coming along."

Jackie Bradley Jr., CF: "Something about replacing this and that. My answer is I'm not replacing this and that, I'm just being myself. I see the word replacing as putting something else back somewhere else. I'm not in the position to even use the word replace. I like the words coming to my own better."

Chris Capuano, LHP: "What's it like coming home or did that play a big factor in you coming to the Red Sox? My answer is yes, that definitely played a part in it."

Daniel Nava, OF: "How was your offseason? My answer is it's been great. Why usually depends on who I'm talking to. But the benefits of playing late into October means winning the World Series, so that is great but the other side is it's just nice to have a break after playing almost 200 games including spring training. To have that break to spend time with the family is just as important as spending time here on the field has kind of been my answer."

David Ross, catcher: "How are we going to do it again? Everything relates to last year. Everybody wants to talk about last year and the transition from winning the whole thing to doing it again. My answer is I feel like we had the personality last year and that's why we were so good because we turned the page on a nightly basis. We only lost three games in a row. We had the group of guys that focused on that day and that at-bat. We're not a big picture group. We talk about big picture like we want to win the World Series but we realize we have to do the work ahead. We have workers in here who want to grind it out. Guys that understand how hard baseball is. Give it all you've got and come back the next day and do the same thing again. There's not a lot of carry over with this group, which is good."