Farrell talks about Pineda's suspension

Engaging in a Q-and-A with reporters, Red Sox manager John Farrell addressed the matter of Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda, who was suspended for 10 games Thursday after being ejected Wednesday for having pine tar on his neck.

Question: Reaction to Pineda's suspension?

Farrell: "No reaction if it was too few or too many, nothing in terms of that. I think when a player goes down that path, you're assuming potential consequences, and that's what was handed down."

Farrell said he did not address the topic with his own pitchers.

Question: Do you take issue with people who say that it's OK to cheat as long as you're not blatant about it?

Farrell: "No I don't take issue. I think there are some things, this being one of them, inside the game that pitchers, particularly in climates like last night, you're looking for some sort of grip. I think there are probably ways you can be a little more discreet."

Question: Should MLB change the language in the rule?

Farrell: "I don't think this is something in need of a rule change. It seemingly worked fine for a number of years."

Question: What's the line between obvious and discreet?

Farrell: "I think that was demonstrated last night."