Crummy spring weather? Nothing new

BOSTON -- With predictions of a game-time temperature of 38 degrees Tuesday night, which would rank as the coldest start time of the season for the Red Sox, I would tell you this is the worst spring weather in recent memory for the team.

And I would be wrong. Last spring, believe it or not, was worse.

Tuesday night will be the 10th time in 27 games the Sox have played in a game in which the first-pitch temperature was 50 degrees or colder. Tuesday night will be the fifth time the Sox play in temperatures 45 degrees or colder, with the low point the 40-degree night in Chicago on April 15.

But last season, the Sox played 13 games in which it was 50 or less at gametime, including six games in which it was 45 or colder. At home, half of the 14 games have been 50 degrees or colder. Last year, it was 9 of 16.

Last season, the Sox opened 18-8, the best record in the majors; this season, it’s 12-14. I was inclined to blame the weather in part for the team’s performance. Guess I can’t do that anymore.