Snapshots: The play at the plate

Thursday afternoon’s Red Sox-Rays game turned on a key play in the seventh inning, when Dustin Pedroia was called out on a close play at the plate. The play was reviewed and ultimately was not overturned.

Here are a few snapshots from the play that would have tied the game at 2 if overturned:

After the game, John Farrell said the team’s replays showed that Pedroia’s “left foot made some contact with home plate. The mark in the dirt showed he went across the back edge.

Pedroia said he thought he was safe, though he acknowledged not having seen a replay shortly after the game when approached in the clubhouse.

"I just don't like the whole 'inconclusive' deal with replay. You should go check it out, and you're either out or safe," he said.

Some Red Sox coaches and players were pretty upset at the play. Third base coach Brian Butterfield was thrown out of the game for arguing it after umpires upheld the out call after the replay.

Starting pitcher Jake Peavy said there was no doubt Pedroia was safe. He called the replay system a “joke.”