Bogaerts (6-for-66) sits; Holt plays 3B

NEW YORK -- The first person to sit as part of John Farrell’s rotation designed to make room for Mookie Betts was third baseman Xander Bogaerts. Brock Holt started at third in Bogaerts’s place, with Betts playing right field.

It is only the third time this month that Bogaerts has not started, but he is mired in a horrific slump. On June 8, Bogaerts was batting .299; he has lost 48 percentage points since, dropping to .251. In 18 games over that span, he is just 6-for-66 (.091), with one extra-base hit, a home run. In 70 plate appearances, he has 19 strikeouts and three walks.

“His timing’s off,’’ manager John Farrell said. “We recognize it. There are some things that are tangibly different from when he was in a stretch where he was impacting the baseball with regularity.’’

Farrell said the flaws in Bogaerts’ mechanics were detected both on video and from the dugout, and that Bogaerts is working on making corrections. The problem to date, Farrell said, is that at game speed, Bogaerts has not yet been able to make the adjustments. “We’ve got to remain patient,’’ he said.