Getting to know Mookie Betts a little better

Who is Mookie Betts? By now you have probably heard how he was nicknamed for former NBA guard Mookie Blaylock -- not 1986 Mets World Series hero Mookie Wilson. You know he got his first MLB hit in his debut game on "Sunday Night Baseball" at Yankee Stadium and his first home run Wednesday at Fenway. But ESPNBoston.com found out 20 things you don't know about Mookie Betts, from his worst fear to haunted hotels in the minors to getting lost at Fenway. --As told to Louise K. Cornetta

You know how I got the nickname Mookie, but how about my real name, Markus Lynn Betts?

My dad's middle name is Mark, and my grandma said, "Let's make it Markus." Lynn is my mom's middle name, so I have two middle names.

Jackie Bradley Jr. and I were roommates in 2011 in the Instructional League.

We kept a pretty clean room because our room was the one everyone came to to hang out and play video games. I never got to take any naps or anything because our place was where everyone came. It got to the point where Jackie and I didn't play video games anymore but everyone else was. We'd try to go to our rooms to get some sleep, but people would be over until one or two o'clock in the morning.

Besides Jackie, the one showing me the ropes has been Jonny Gomes.

Jonny Gomes has been a big part of my learning a routine, even when I'm not playing. When I am playing, he's shown me how to look at pitchers and what to look for. He's taught me a lot in the week I played here.

My family keeps my memorabilia.

At my major league debut in New York, I had my mom, my dad and my fiancée at the game. My first hit came that game. My mom has that ball. I didn't even know until recently that Derek Jeter rolled the ball into the dugout for me. I don't know where my mom puts all my mementos. She just takes it, and then I don't know where it goes. My first home run ball -- my fiancée has it. She said my mom took the other one, so she's going to keep that one. Weird note about that first home run too: The guy who caught it pitched against me in summer ball in Nashville. It was his senior year of summer ball and my junior year, and he pitched against my team. He threw a four-hitter, and he said I had two of the hits.

Besides the family, the person who has been a huge influence on my career was Tim Dulin, who played for the Orioles.

Tim Dulin helped me through the whole draft process. He had already been through it, and I was playing on his team. He told me how the process works, what's going to happen at certain times, what certain dates mean. He really helped me through the draft process.

The minor league game I am most proud of happened this past year.

I was in High A ball, and we were in Myrtle Beach. I went 5-for-6 with two home runs and seven RBIs. It was a pretty good day.

My best minor league story isn't about a bus breaking down, surprisingly, as that happened only once.

This year in Double-A, there is a haunted hotel in Scranton. We read a whole bunch of stories about it before we stayed there. In my room, I probably got only four or five hours of sleep each night because I was scared out of my mind. We went looking for ghosts, and while I was looking, the team was plotting to scare me. So I came back to our room, and I heard some shuffling. I started packing my stuff because I was going to leave. By the time I got to the door, I was scared out of my mind. They got me good.

I love the NBA but don't have a favorite team.

I like watching different teams. It depends how I feel that day. Sometimes I like watching the Spurs because of the way they move the ball. Sometimes I like watching the Thunder because of the way they run. Sometimes I like watching the Lakers because I like watching Kobe [Bryant]. My favorite player, though, is probably Kevin Durant with how he just dominates the game in different ways.

My worst fear is a little different.

Rust. I hate rust. If I look at rust, it messes me up. It makes my skin crawl. I can't sit right. I have to get away from it. It's been this way pretty much my whole life. I don't know why I don't like it. If I see rust, it really does just mess me up.

The music I am embarrassed to have on my playlist is country.

I have some country music on there, and though it's not really embarrassing, it's not me. I don't really like country music, but there are a few songs I listen to. One song I listen to is called "Ol' Red" by Blake Shelton -- that's my jam.

The worst purchase I ever made was a watch.

I bought one of those smart watches. It worked for, like, two days. So that was probably the worst $300 I ever spent.

My pregame meal is healthy.

For some reason, I don't like playing on a full stomach. I just pound fruit. I eat a whole lot of strawberries, grapes and pineapples, but really whatever fruit I can find. My favorite dessert is also healthy. I'll eat any dessert that has to do with strawberries; I'll eat anything with strawberries.

I'm never without my phone.

My wallet is another story -- I'm always losing that -- but I'm never without my phone when I'm not playing. My favorite app is called Cut the Rope. It's a game which has a piece of candy and a little monster, and the candy is connected to a rope. You have to cut the rope, and different things will happen.

My hidden talent is bowling.

I'm all right at bowling. I have bowled two perfect games. It was exciting. I don't get to bowl a lot, but I'll try to this offseason.

The movie I can watch over and over is "Life."

The movie "Life" with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence and any of the Shrek movies are my favorites.

I have some guilty pleasure TV shows.

My fiancée watches the "Real Housewives" shows Atlanta and New Jersey. She also watches "Say Yes To The Dress," and I have to sit there and watch those.

My favorite TV show is a cartoon.

If you want to know my own favorite TV show, it's "SpongeBob SquarePants." In the offseason, I'll watch marathons of "SpongeBob" every day just lying in bed. I like the character Squidward the best, but I also like SpongeBob. Either one is my favorite. Patrick is hilarious too, but everyone already likes him. I've been watching "SpongeBob" since high school. Some of my best friends will just come up to the house and watch "SpongeBob" all day. Sometimes the show makes me laugh, but it actually has some older jokes for older people. I didn't realize that until later on. It makes me laugh and is just a really good show.

If I could be on any game show, I'd pick "Family Feud."

I'd want to be on "Family Feud" so my whole family could play with me.

I have three favorite cereals.

They are Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruit Loops and Reese's Puffs.

Getting to Fenway isn't easy.

I drove around and around the first day I went to Fenway. Then I went into the wrong entrance, instead of the players' entrance. I was blowing up Jackie's phone that day. Speaking of Fenway, I have not gone inside the Green Monster yet. I should probably do that.