Law's midseason top 50 prospects

Keith Law unveiled his midseason Top 50 prospects (Insider access required), with pitcher Henry Owens (No. 23) and catcher Blake Swihart (No. 27), both making this list.

Note that "players who have already passed the cutoff for Rookie of the Year eligibility are ineligible, as is anyone currently on a major league roster."

Here’s part of what Law writes about Owens:

Owens doesn't throw hard, mostly 90-92 but up to 94 whenever he needs it, succeeding with tremendous deception in his delivery and one of the minors' best changeups, which has made him more effective against right-handed hitters than lefties throughout his pro career.

To read the rest of Law's write-ups of Owens and Swihart, and to see full reports of all of the Top 50, click here.