Sox take winning attitude on road

BOSTON -- After a brief three-game homestand to begin the second half of the season, the Red Sox head out for a seven-game road trip through Toronto and Tampa.

Boston swept the Kansas City Royals this weekend at Fenway Park, as the Red Sox have won seven of their last eight games. But they remain in the basement of the AL East. If they can continue to play well against divisional opponents, there’s still a chance they could sneak back into contention.

“I think we’re having a little bit of fun. We have been for a while,” said Red Sox veteran catcher David Ross, who hit a two-run homer in Sunday’s 6-0 win. “Before the break we played some good baseball and we’ve got a good atmosphere going. We’re having some fun. We’re getting good pitching as we have been, but guys are putting together solid at-bats, guys are rooting each other on. Guys are into the game, some young guys are starting to play a lot better.”

On this upcoming road trip, Boston will face the Blue Jays four times and the Rays three times.

“I feel like if we can just do what we’ve been doing and play well -- I know we’ve been playing against some teams that maybe aren’t up to par -- but if we can get the confidence that we have in that way we’re playing right now, I think that’s very important,” Ross said.

As manager John Farrell walks around the clubhouse, he’s seeing a different atmosphere than he did only a few weeks back.

“There’s a lot of confidence going on right now. Just hearing some of the conversation in and around our team -- it’s not anything beyond today, which has been the trademark of this group all last year,” Farrell said. “We know the position we’re in. To think beyond today doesn’t really do us much good. I’m confident we’ll continue that approach as we start up in Toronto tomorrow.”