20 Questions: Getting to know Joe Kelly

ESPNBoston.com is asking 20 questions to some of the new faces on the Red Sox. In this edition, right-handed pitcher Joe Kelly, one of Boston's new arrivals from St. Louis (along with Allen Craig in the July 31 trade for John Lackey), discussed being a prankster, his pet peeve and how he became a pitcher. --As told to Louise K. Cornetta

I have the reputation of being a prankster. My best prank was in St. Louis. I put on an old man mask and interviewed [rapper] Nelly. Our clubhouse guy had one of those Hollywood, expensive silicon masks. I put it on and jumped into the interview with Fox Sports Midwest and started asking questions. I don't think he realized it was a joke and fake until the interview was over.

The hardest part about moving is finding a place. I still have all my furniture and my lease in St. Louis. I just packed two big duffle bags' worth of clothes with some home clothes, some road clothes, regular tees, dress shirts and two suits to finish this year out with. Next year, I'll move all my furniture and TVs out here.

"Backstreet's Back" by the Backstreet Boys was my walk-up music in St. Louis. I always like to pick fun songs. I'm not ever really too serious, except for when I'm pitching. I don't take life too seriously, which has gotten me in trouble multiple times in the classroom. I picked that after being on the disabled list for three months. I figured it was a coming-back song. They actually played it for me when I was on [the Red Sox] and we went back there on our latest road trip, which was pretty cool.

I stole my first base on our last road trip. Growing up and playing baseball, I wasn't a pitcher until college. I got recruited to play in center field. I never really wanted to get hurt on the basepath running, which I did this year. Now that I am in the AL, there was a good count and it's been one of my few opportunities to steal a bag. I knew I wouldn't get a chance much in the future. So I stole a base because it's something I've always wanted to do.

I realized I had a good sinkerball when my college coach changed me from outfielder to pitcher. He saw me throwing the baseball, and I got on the mound, and he said it was something he hadn't seen. He said my sinker had a lot of movement and life on the ball. He started making me pitch, which I wasn't too happy about. It worked out for the better.

I have a bunch of nicknames, but the most common one is my initials, J.K.

I don't believe in living life by a motto. I don't have one and don't feel I need one.

My worst fear is solitary confinement, being stuck by yourself for a long period of time.

My pet peeve is people who wear gloves while working out at the gym.

To skydive is on my bucket list. I really want to do that. I'm not afraid of heights or anything.

My worst habit is I bite my nails.

I can't play a musical instrument. But if I could, I would want to play the drums.

I prefer magazines to books. I can look at the pictures and just scroll through.

Even after making big league money, I've never made a purchase that I now regret. I haven't bought anything too crazy.

I'm a dog person, not a cat person. I have two. One is a nuisance. I have a white boxer and a Rhodesian Ridgeback boxer mix. They're named Rocky and Drake.

My hobby is playing golfing video games.

The TV show my wife makes me watch but I secretly like is "Real Housewives" -- all the cities.

I met my wife in college, where we just always seemed to hang out together.

Some of my favorites? Movie is "Tombstone." TV show could be one of so many, but I'll go with "Breaking Bad." For vacation destination, my favorite is Maui.

One thing you don't know about Allen Craig, my former Cardinals and now Red Sox teammate, is he has a pet tortoise. One thing about me you don't know is I like to cook. My specialty is a Japanese type of chicken and rice dish.