Sox on pace for historic drop in runs

NEW YORK -- With 25 games to play, the Red Sox are on pace to score 622 runs, a drop of 231 runs from 2013 that would be by far the largest in franchise history.

The Sox have scored 526 runs in 137 games this season, an average of 3.84 runs per game. Last season, they averaged 5.27 runs a game.

Only twice since 1946 have the Sox scored fewer runs than their current projected rate: in 1992, when they scored 599 runs, and in 1968, when they scored 614.

The Sox led the league in runs scored in 2013. They are last in 2014. Scoring is down around the league. Teams are averaging 4.22 runs per game in 2014, compared to 4.33 in 2013. No team in the AL is averaging five runs or more. Three teams -- the Tigers (4.71), Athletics (4.70) and Angels (4.69) -- are neck and neck in scoring.