Bowden on his promotion

BOSTON -- Michael Bowden spoke about his promotion to the Red Sox bullpen before today's game:

Q: How has it been for you making the transition from starting pitching to relief?

“It’s actually been a very, very smooth transition becoming a reliever. Last year I was up here in September in the bullpen. Just being around these guys and being able to prepare every day I learned a lot. So I feel very comfortable in that role. Obviously, I was a starter in Triple A this year up until about three weeks ago. When I got the news, it was the greatest feeling of my life. I was really excited. I feel like it’s a good opportunity for me and not only that, I really enjoy baseball. The transition was smooth, I’m definitely excited to be here, and hopefully I’ll be able to help these guys out.”

Q: Terry Francona said that you’d be willing to play shortstop if it meant playing with the club. Is that an accurate description of your desire to play and help this team?

“I’ll put on the catcher’s gear if they want me to. I just like to play baseball. Whatever I can do to play and help the team win, I’ll do it.”

Q: What was your level of frustration when you didn’t make the team in spring training, and has that motivated you to push harder during the year?

“I went into spring training with the goal to make the team like I do every spring training. Obviously, I didn’t attain that goal. You know, it’s frustrating for everybody. All it does is make me work that much harder to get back to where I need to be. I mean, I didn’t do anything spectacular or really deserving in spring training to make the team. I didn’t early in the season either. There’s a lot of things I’ve got to work on, but over the last two months or so, I’ve felt very comfortable with my mechanics and very consistent.”

Thanks to Williams College senior Daniel Pesquera for conducting this interview.