Six quick hits: Jason Varitek

Varitek Fighting For Job (0:20)

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek talks about his position battle heading into spring training (0:20)

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Jason Varitek’s thoughts on coming to camp as something other than the team’s No. 1 catcher:

1. On his new role:

"For the most part, I’m here to support Vic [Martinez] as much as possible and take the load off him when he needs it.’’

2. On the difficulty of the transition:

“I think for me it happened the last two months of the season last year, so this isn’t necessarily new for me. Is it different? Of course, it’s different, but I think in that role, it was last year toward the end that probably got me prepared for this.

3. On how often he expects to be behind the plate:

“I'm still prepared physically to take a heavy load. I’m not sure how that’s going to exactly pan out. Is it going to be once a week, twice a week, three times a week, five times? You don’t know.’’

4. On the potential impact on his role as captain:

“Sometimes I get caught up in the grind and tend to be a little quieter; I’m just trying to conserve energy and stuff. Maybe this will open up more communication with Tito and my teammates.

“Any way I can help. I’ll do the things I can to help, use my eyes, use my knowledge, my game vision to help any way I can.’’

5. On whether playing less will positively impact his offense:

“I don’t know. Some seem to think that. The biggest asset I’ve always had is dependability, to be out there whatever goes on -- whether I’m hitting well or not hitting well, [whether] things are going well as a team or not, they can depend on you to be out there. That part’s going to be different. How that transfers over early in not taking a beating, not playing every night game, day game, I don’t know. I might get a little bored. That might be a good thing. We’ll see.’’

6. On whether he sees himself as an everyday catcher no longer playing every day, or as a backup:

“I just look at myself as a catcher. I don’t know any other way to do it.’’