Six quick hits: Tim Wakefield

Wakefield: Feelin' Great (0:52)

Tim Wakefield addresses the media. (0:52)

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- We have questions, Tim Wakefield has answers:

1. On his place in the rotation:

“I plan to be one of the five starters. As long as I'm healthy during spring training and there are no setbacks, when we start the season I think I’ll be one of the five.

“We talked about that. I think Tito and Theo and John (Farrell) all think we’re a better team with me in the rotation. I eat up innings, I do whatever it takes to help us win, and I think we agreed on that aspect.

“Obviously they want to make sure I’m healthy. If I need extra time, I can take extra time. We have six weeks down here. I’ll be ready to roll by the time the season starts.’’

2. On what happens if there are six healthy starters come April 4:

“Does that ever happen? To have six healthy starters? We’ll let the spring play itself out and we’ll see come April 1.’’

3. On his health:

“I feel 100 percent right now. I did some more testing today. I've got all my strength back in my calves. I’m ready to go.

4. On his offseason recovery:

“It was a hard winter for me, going to rehab five days a week, but my therapist in Florida did a great job getting me back to normalcy. Everything feels unbelievable right now.

"I’m able to cover first, run around, throw off the bullpen mounds. I [threw] my third day here. Everything feels great. I’m not having any hiccups and hopefully we can continue spring training on that same path.’’

5. On whether he regrets not having back surgery sooner:

“I have no regrets. I did whatever I could to get on the field to help us win. It wasn’t pretty.

“Considering what was going on with my back, I was really surprised to be out there trying to pitch. I did the best I could with what I had. No regrets for that at all.’’

6. On his goals:

"One, to stay healthy. Two, to give the the club as many innings as possible. My goal every year is to give them 200 innings and make all my starts, so hopefully that can happen this year.’’