Six quick hits: Josh Beckett

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Josh Beckett addressed his contract situation by saying he won’t be addressing his contract situation. He is entering the final year of his contact in Boston.

1. On the contract: “That stuff is going to work itself out. I don’t really have anything to say about contracts today or any time during spring training. And after that I don’t want to let that be the focus of what I’m trying to do.’’

2. On general manager Theo Epstein calling him after the John Lackey signing to tell him that the Red Sox figure on him being part of their plans for a long time to come: "I don’t think he would have contacted me if there weren’t some good intentions there.’’

3. On his time in Boston: “It’s a blast, playing in front of 50,000 people and another two million watching you every night. There are not too many places like that. As far as professional ups and downs, I think I’ve weathered some storms better than others.’’

4. On being the staff ace: "Is ace an acronym for something? I’ve never understood that.’’

5. On Terry Francona calling him the leader of the staff: “It’s a huge honor, especially in an organization with a history as rich as this one. A lot of responsibility comes with this. ... I don’t think it’s as much what you say but what you do.’’

6. On Mike Lowell, his teammate both in Florida and Boston: “I’ve had a little conversation with him. Yeah, it’s a bad situation. You wouldn’t wish that on anybody. He’s probably one of the most professional men I’ve ever met. He’s a really smart guy, and he knows how to handle a situation like this. I don’t think he would come in and let that affect the team or anything.’’