Lowell: 'I'm very lucky' after hit

NEW YORK -- Red Sox first baseman Mike Lowell is feeling fortunate today after he was struck in the temple Friday night by a ground ball off the bat of the Yankees’ Curtis Granderson in the bottom of the fifth inning of a 10-8 win at Yankee Stadium.

“I looked at the replay and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad hop like that. I’m just thankful I turned my head," Lowell said. "I’m very lucky. My boyish good looks would have taken a big hit there.”

Fortunately he did not suffer a concussion and was tested accordingly this morning. The team’s medical staff compared his current reaction time to different tests and compared the results with those from spring training.

“I actually think I got smarter,” he said with a smile.

Lowell, who said he’s never had a concussion, was able to hit in the cage and was planning on taking BP on the field this afternoon before the Red Sox take on the Yankees the second of their three-game series.

“I never felt like I lost focus or anything,” Lowell admitted. “My eye started twitching a little.”

Granderson was apologetic after the incident and stood over Lowell when he was laying on the ground.

“I didn’t expect him to do anything,” Lowell said of Granderson. “I think he went above and beyond under the circumstances.”