Red Sox honor Lowell

BOSTON -- Red Sox veteran Mike Lowell has been all smiles this weekend, knowing it will be his last as a major leaguer.

He’s accomplished a lot during his 13-year career, including two World Series titles, with the Florida Marlins (2003) and the Red Sox (2007). He was also the MVP of the Fall Classic in 2007. The Red Sox honored him in a pregame ceremony Saturday.

“He’s probably got a lot of emotions,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona earlier in the day. “I would imagine he’s got a lot of emotions. I don’t know what they are, but knowing Mikey, if he gets a hit, he’ll be happier. That’s how most players are.

“To have the ability to end your career on your own terms is good. Everybody takes a different path. Some guys need to tear the uniform off, some guys don’t want to quit, some guys are forced to quit -- that’s the way the game is and there’s nothing wrong with any of it.”

“I laugh when I see people saying, ‘Well, he stayed too long,’" Francona added. "That’s the player’s business. They have the right to play the game as long as they want, or for as short as they want. More power to him.”