Farrell shares notes with new pitching coach

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- When the Red Sox hired Curt Young as their newest pitching coach to replace John Farrell, who was named manager of the Toronto Blue Jays this offseason, Young said he would reach out to his predecessor for tips on Boston’s staff.

Farrell said Monday that he had a lengthy conversation with Young about the ins and outs of the Red Sox pitchers. He said that even though he's managing in the AL East, he believes, as does Red Sox manager Terry Francona, that talking with Young is the professional thing to do.

“Most importantly, the players are first and foremost,” Farrell said. “There are a lot of relationships that were built there, and to give some insights into the work routines and personalities that he’ll now deal with was right and just.”

Still, it must be strange giving insight to a competitor.

“If your approach toward the game and your decisions are always made with the player in the forefront, I think you’ll always take the right approach and make the right decision, and that was no different.”

At the same time, Farrell obviously has a good understanding of the Red Sox.

“Yeah, they’re a great organization, a great team, but hopefully there’s some competitive advantage to [knowing them] as well,” he said.

Young had a solid resume with the Oakland A’s, and Farrell said he believes Boston’s new pitching coach will do a solid job.

“Coming into Boston, he’ll do a great job,” Farrell said. “He’s done a great job in Oakland. He’s inheriting a lot of good arms.”