Newlywed Beckett as gunslinger in charity T-shirt

BOSTON -- Maybe this will help you forget about all the snow on the ground and the stuff that is still to come: Think about upgrading your T-shirt collection for the spring and summer.

And newlywed Josh Beckett has just the creative idea for you, one that will not only give you an original look but will raise money for charity as well.

The Red Sox pitcher is one of a number of professional athletes who have partnered with Muze, the designer T-shirt company, to create an original line of shirts to raise money for various charities: in Beckett’s case, the Josh Beckett Foundation, whose announced goal is to raise $1 million for the Boston Children’s Hospital and to help seriously ill and disadvantaged children.

Muze Clothing is an online business that designs upscale T-shirts featuring great movie quotes. It was begun by a group of college friends, including Bill Deacon, who has roots in central Massachusetts (Gardner) and whose circle includes former Sox players Mark Loretta and Dave Roberts, both of whom are investors in the company.

Beckett, being a John Wayne fan, has a T-shirt featuring a line from the Duke, lifted from the Western classic, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.” The T-shirt, bearing a caricature of Beckett as gunslinger, reads: “Out Here a Man Settles His Own Problems.” Muze took a little license with the line to provide a version for women as well.

Celtics star Ray Allen, Bruins executive Cam Neely and boxer Mickey Ward also have their own T-shirts. Allen’s is to raise money for his Ray of Hope Foundation (His T-shirt reads: “This is Beautiful, What is This, Velvet?” from Coming to America). Neely’s is for the Neely House Foundation and reads “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” from Die Hard), while Ward’s reads “I’m your Huckleberry,” from the movie “Tombstone.”

For more information, you can go here. Deacon said all profits from the shirts sold go directly to the designated charities.

Too soon to think about T-shirts? Hey, spring training opens on Feb 13.