ESPN picks: Sox overwhelming favorites

ESPN.com Illustration

Great expectations, anyone?

A whopping 33 of the 45 pundits making predictions for ESPN.com’s season preview predict the Red Sox to win the World Series. And of the 12 folks who predicted someone else would win, nine of them have Boston losing in the Fall Classic.

So for those of you scoring at home, that’s 42 of the 45 ESPN.com experts have the Red Sox reaching the World Series.

Jayson Stark goes into great detail on why he picked the Red Sox to win it all. Check his prediction out HERE.

The Red Sox dominated ESPN.com's individual awards picks as well, with Jon Lester getting 22 of 45 votes for the AL Cy Young and Adrian Gonzalez getting 15 votes for AL MVP (Kevin Youkilis and Carl Crawford got some love, too).