Red Sox react to Manny's retirement

BOSTON -- Manny Ramirez walked away from baseball on Friday, abruptly ending the mercurial career of one of the most talented -- and tainted -- hitters to ever play the game.

The slumping former Red Sox slugger tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug during spring training, sources told ESPN.com, and informed Major League Baseball that he would retire rather than face a 100-game suspension.

Here's a sampling of reaction from the Red Sox to the news:

David Ortiz: "It's crazy, man. That was the last thing I was expecting, for him to retire and go through this situation. I don't really know the details and how everything went down. I'm just waiting how the rest of the stuff is going to come out.

"It's sad, man, to see a player with that much talent, and an unbelievable career, to get him out of the game with negativity."

Bobby Jenks: “I got a chance to play with him and I really thought he was an outstanding guy. He's a great guy, a good teammate and down to earth for being such a superstar, which I thought was pretty cool because I didn't know what to expect.

"It's sad. He will go down as one of the best right-handed hitters in the game."

Jenks was asked about Ramirez reportedly testing positive for a second time.

"Yeah, he got banged with 50 games, why try again? A little stupid, but I guess he made his own decision."

Mike Cameron: "It's his own personal situation, and I can't try to sit up here and crucify another man because of the situation. He's one of the greatest right-handed hitters of our time, and it's sad he has to cut it short prematurely. I wish him well."

Jonathan Papelbon: "I don't have anything. appy retirement, I guess.”

"He's a great right-handed hitter," Papelbon added. "It's kind of sad it goes that way for him now. I don't know what to say."