Valentine yet to speak with Crawford

Carl Crawford is in no hurry to talk to his new boss.

Manager Bobby Valentine, in an interview Wednesday on Boston sports station WEEI, admitted he has yet to speak to Crawford, saying the only communication he has had with his left fielder has been through the player's agent. Crawford is represented by Greg Genske and Scott Parker.

Valentine said there has been some discussion about a face-to-face meeting sometime after the first of the year, but nothing firm has been set. New GM Ben Cherington also has said he intends to visit Crawford, a major disappointment last season and on the "front burner," Valentine said, of issues the team needs to address in 2012.

"Carl's working his behind off, as he usually does, I guess, in the offseason," Valentine told WEEI's Mut and Merloni. "From what I gather and what I've seen from afar and what I've learned third-hand, and not first-hand, is that he's an athlete who loves to work. Speaking to his agent, he is working. We have a face-to-face plan hopefully right after the first of the year, when things settle down for him. He's going to give me a little time. So, it's in the planning stages. But you know what? We're going to have a lot of time when the season starts, too. I can't wait to meet this outstanding athlete."