Tonight marks a likely farewell to Dice-K

Tonight’s start against the Yankees in the season finale will likely be Daisuke Matsuzaka's last in a Red Sox uniform. With that in mind, here are a few numbers to note.

* The Red Sox signed Matsuzaka to great fanfare from Japan, paying a $51,111,111 posting fee before signing him to a 6-year, $52M contract, making their total investment just over $103 million. He has 50 wins and 36 losses during his six seasons in Boston, meaning the club will have paid just more than $2 million per victory.

* He won 15 games in his first season in 2007, then won 18 with a 2.90 ERA the following season, but he’s won just 17 games in the past four seasons combined and he’s got the fifth-highest career ERA in team history.

* Since he entered the league in 2007, only 3 pitchers with at least 600 innings pitched have a higher walks-per-9-innings than Daisuke.

* Matsuzaka has only made 10 starts this season, but at 1-6, he’s just one loss away from the second-most losses in his career in a single season.