Olney: Sox should look to add pitching help

ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney takes a look at possible roster moves for the Boston Red Sox before the July 31 trade deadline.

"I think from the Red Sox perspective, they have to start looking at options because they have taken blow after blow after blow with their pitching staff," Olney said. "They've lost four relievers during the course of this year, from Joel Hanrahan to most recently Andrew Bailey.

"A lot questions about when Clay Buchholz is going to come back. [Sox manager] John Farrell told us that the best-case scenario probably is more the middle of August to the end of that month.

"So, before the deadline, they'll have conversations about adding a starter and maybe a reliever. They were at [Chicago White Sox right-hander] Jake Peavy's start on Saturday to evaluate him. He certainly would fit their needs and fit what they've been looking for in terms of someone who can handle a pressure situation.

"And in the relief market, maybe the guy who's been talked about the most right now is Francisco Rodriguez of the Milwaukee Brewers. The Detroit Tigers are also talking about him, [and] the Dodgers are also talking about him."

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