Edes: Bogar likely 'held his fire' on Bobby

ESPN Boston's Red Sox writer Gordon Edes appeared on WEEI’s “Dennis & Callahan” on Thursday morning to discuss the Bobby Valentine fiasco, the new positive vibe on Yawkey Way after John Farrell’s hiring, the David Ortiz contract situation and more.

Talking about Valentine’s televised interview with Bob Costas, which aired the same day the Red Sox introduced Farrell as their new manager, Edes said, “It’s incredible to me that Bobby Valentine was able to upstage John Farrell’s day, but maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised.”

Edes discussed his colleague Joe McDonald’s article on bench coach Tim Bogar, and Bogar’s rebuttal to Valentine’s harsh criticism of his coaching staff.

“I suspect that Bogar, being the kind of guy he is, held his fire on a lot of this. That he could have gone into chapter and verse and made this a much more damning accusation, but he didn’t want to play that game,” said Edes.

Edes warned that the Costas interview is probably not the last we’ve heard from Valentine.

“You know, the tales from the crypt aren’t going to end from Bobby. I suspect that he probably has more targets in mind that he’d like to take down,” said Edes.

Edes went on to talk about prospects for next year’s coaching staff and roster, and shared what he knows about David Ortiz’s future in Boston.

“I was told that the two years have been agreed upon already,” Edes said of Ortiz’s contract talks.

“Ortiz would like in the neighborhood of two years, $25 million,” Edes said. “I think in the end the deal will be less than that because while David will benefit from the security of having a second year, he also has to be realistic that he wouldn’t get those kinds of dollars on the open market.”

Edes noted that he expects that once Ortiz gets his contract finalized, “he’ll have a few things to say” in response to Valentine’s implication during the Costas interview that Ortiz quit on the team.

“The bizarre part of that was that Ortiz, at least publicly, was one of Bobby’s strongest supporters this year,” said Edes.

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