No. 37: Sox take Monmouth RHP Light

With their last pick of Day 1 of the MLB draft, the Red Sox chose Monmouth right-hander Pat Light (compensatory round, 37th overall).

Here's an assessment of Light from ESPN Scouts Inc.:

Light came into the year seen as primarily an arm-strength guy, but the development of his slider has pushed him into sandwich-round or even late first-round consideration who at least has a chance to start.

He sits at 90-96 as a starter, pitching mostly in the lower half of that range, with a little arm-side life on the pitch. The slider is plus, 76-80 mph with very good tilt, although its break is so big I'm not sure he'll be able to throw it consistently for a strike when he needs to do so in pro ball. He has a show-me changeup right now in the upper 70s but the slider is a better weapon even against left-handed hitters. Light drifts forward off the rubber with a short arm path and finishes very well out over his front side. His slot is low, below three-quarters (comparable to Daniel Hudson's), which could lead to a wider platoon split down the road.

The most likely outcome, given his arm slot and lack of a clear third pitch, is that he goes to the pen, but he should at least get several years of starting to prove that he can do it before he goes to relief.