Lowell in holding pattern

BOSTON -- The Red Sox have not activated Mike Lowell from the disabled list, and general manager Theo Epstein has asked the veteran third baseman to be patient for a couple of more days.

According to Red Sox manager Terry Francona, Epstein sat down with Lowell and his agents, Sam and Seth Levinson, to figure out what’s best for the team and the player.

“Theo told him to hang on a day or so,” according Francona. “There’s possible movement and the deadline is tomorrow. It just seems to make sense to get through another day, or two days, and then do what we need to do.”

Lowell recently completed a successful and productive minor-league rehab assignment with the PawSox and was at his stall in the Red Sox clubhouse this afternoon and will work out with the club.

The trade deadline is Saturday at 4 p.m. and Lowell has made it no secret his desire to be an everyday player, and if that means parting ways with the Red Sox, the former World Series MVP (2007) is willing to do so.

"If there's something out there with another team where they might be interested, then I'm willing to explore those options," he said. "There's nothing left for me to do. I'm not stressed over it."

Lowell has been unhappy all season with the lack of playing time, and the season as a whole.

"It's been terrible," he said. "I haven't had a lot of playing time here. When you have stretches where you're going 1-for-20, you start hearing whispers in your ear saying you might not be able to play at that level anymore. I never thought I'd be in that situation."

When asked about the possibility of being traded, Lowell said that anything is possible. Plus, he realizes there's no way he could be an everyday player the remainder of the season.

"There's nowhere for me to play," he said. "How am I gonna play any positions other than what I play? I don't think it's realistic to think I'll be playing over the other guys on this team at this point. It would be selfish."

Daniel Pesquera contributed to this report.