Paille on labor talks: No need to panic

There has been plenty of doom and gloom in the media and amongst fans since the NHL made its initial proposal to the NHLPA in CBA negotiations last month, with the biggest sticking point being revenue sharing. The owners asked the players to reduce their share of revenues from 57 to 43 percent, which would essentially roll their salaries back 24 percent, as they did after the last NHL lockout in 2004-05.

While some fear another lockout is coming, Bruins player rep Daniel Paille is staying positive as he and the hockey world await a counterproposal from the union.

“It’s still a process,” Paille told the media at the third annual Putts and Punches for Parkinson’s, a charity golf tournament hosted by teammate Shawn Thornton at the Ferncroft Country Club. “Hopefully, something can start moving a little bit more forward in the next couple of weeks. For us as players, we have a positive [feeling] on starting the season on time and that’s what we want to do.”

With NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr and his staff still reviewing more than 76,000 pages of financial reports from the league's 30 teams and yet to make a counterproposal, many wonder if the two sides can reach an agreement by the Sept. 15 deadline. But Paille and the players won’t worry about that for the time being. For now, Paille sees positives in the fact that there is communication amongst the players and between the NHLPA and the NHL.

“After Sept.‚ÄČ15, we’ll see what happens,” Paille said. “Until then, I don’t think there is any reason to panic. For us, it’s definitely a line of communication right now and I think it’s a positive for us to keep that going.”