McQuaid expected back in lineup tonight

BOSTON – Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid should be back in the lineup Tuesday night against the New Jersey Devils after he missed one game to return home for the death of his paternal grandmother.

McQuaid missed Monday’s 5-3 win against the Carolina Hurricanes and was scheduled to return to Boston Monday night, but due to inclement weather in Montreal, he did not arrive until Tuesday morning. Still, he said he’s ready to play.

“We’re a pretty close family and it was important for me to get back and pay my respects and to be with my family,” McQuaid said. “I’m really happy I was able to do so. The team, the management, the coaches, all my teammates were really supportive of it and that meant a lot. Hockey is obviously a pretty important part of our life, but I think for everyone, family comes first. I feel fortunate I was able to be there.”

McQuaid is one of 30 grandchildren of Geneva McQuaid. She was 88.