Julien: Savard unrealistic at this stage

BOSTON -- Now that Bruins forward Marc Savard has been cleared to rejoin the team, coach Claude Julien doesn’t want anyone to get too excited about a possible return.

“For me to stand here and predict he’s going to be back at this stage would be unrealistic, so we’re just going to go day-by-day with him and if he gets better sooner, great,” said Julien. “We’re still working on getting him in shape right now and doing the things we’re told to do with him and that’s where we’re at.”

Savard has skated three consecutive days in order to get himself back in game shape, but after missing six weeks due to a Grade 2 concussion, it could take him a while to get his legs and lungs back. While the Bruins are excited about a possible return for Savard, the team isn’t about to set a timeline.

“To be honest, I don’t really have the answer,” said Julien. “He’s still that far away. He’s been out for six weeks and hasn’t been able to exercise or do anything. When you bring a guy back in the playoffs, you’ve got to make sure for his sake that he’s ready to jump in, and he’s got to be in shape to keep up with that pace. The part is, he passes that test and that means he can start skating, but he still has to go through different types of tests and he hasn’t taken any contact, yet.

In fact, Savard will need to visit with Dr. Kelly McInnis at Mass. General Hospital before he is given clearance to play.