B's: Refs got Lucic penalty right

BOSTON -- Bruins winger Milan Lucic learned a tough new lesson when he was penalized with 32 seconds left in regulation of a 1-1 game, which, thankfully for him and the Bruins, they won 2-1 over the Senators on Thursday.

Prior to this shortened season and as a result of the new CBA, the NHL added a component to Rule 67, which prohibits players from closing their hand on the puck. This season, if a player covers the puck on the ice "in order to conceal it from or prevent an opponent from playing the puck," he will receive a minor penalty. It seems there's still a learning curve 17 games into the season.

While Lucic, his teammates and a capacity TD Garden crowd immediately objected to it, Lucic and the Bruins weren't criticizing the referees after the game.

"It was more of a reaction thing than anything," Lucic said of the infraction. "I kind of forgot about [the new rule], to be honest. Obviously it was bad timing for it but it was still good to see the guys step up and kill it off in the end."

Bruins captain Zdeno Chara actually praised the officials for making the right call in what was obviously a very critical point of the game.

Of course there is no telling what the Bruins' reactions would have been had the Senators converted on that late power play, but the general consensus after the win was the refs got it right.