An upbeat crowd at TD Garden

Here are some observations and quotes from the scene at TD Garden tonight after the Bruins' emotional opening ceremony:

“It was amazing to hear the whole place singing without Renee [Rancourt]. He didn’t need to sing at all. The Bruins are the heart of Boston, to me. Sports pulls everybody together and Boston is a city of sports fans.” -- Sue Lincoln, of Plymouth, Mass., who was in attendance with her mother, Judy

“I was going to be here for Monday night’s game, but I think they made the right decision to cancel it.” -- Mike Adler, of Framingham, holding American flag on Loge level, next to runway where Renee Rancourt emerges

“I think people are looking to blow off some steam. I think they want to get excited about something.” -- Jeff Tully, of Middleton, who went to Monday's Red Sox game and had planned to attend Monday's Bruins game

"Being in Boston today, I have so much pride for my city! ... They went through my bag pretty good, which I think is a good thing. I don’t feel like anything bad is going to happen -- knock on wood." -- Cristina Sluhocki, of Southbridge, attending first Bruins game

“I think it was more welcoming. It was real heart-felt, genuine.” -- Jeff Reid, of Southbridge, on the feeling in the city today

"We have die-hard fans, and I think it’ll help to take our minds off everything for a little while and have a good night." -- Steve Yanchuk, of Medford

"We knew with everything going on that there was going to be enough security to feel safe while we’re here. We had no problem.” -- Bob Dube, Madison, Conn., on whether they thought about not coming to the game