Bruins not counting on momentum

BOSTON -- There’s been plenty of talk amongst Bruins fans and media that the Stanley Cup finals are all but wrapped up after Boston took a 2-1 series lead over the Chicago Blackhawks.

As far as the Bruins are concerned such talk is nonsense. The Bruins have been in enough playoff series to know that momentum is very hard to carry, not just game to game in a series but period to period. They know this series can easily head back to Chicago tied 2-2.

Yes the Bruins may have been the better team since dropping Game 1 in triple overtime, but they know with a few bounces in the last two games they could be on the opposite side of a 2-1 lead in the series.

“I think some people can look at it as momentum but we don’t,” Peverley said of the Bruins rebounding from the tough loss in Game 1. “We’ve learned from both sides of the coin how that can give you a false sense of security. You have to really believe in the game-by-game and period-by-period, even shift-by-shift, and isolate or live in the moment. For anyone to think because we’ve won two straight the series is over, they’re nuts!”

Head coach Claude Julien has been adamant that momentum is overrated in the playoffs and he and his players are staying with that line of thinking.

“Teams that we're playing against are pretty good,” Julien said. “We just have to look at the Pittsburgh series. It was 4-0. As I said before, some games could have gone either way. This is a 2-1 series. Game 1 could have gone either way, Game 2 could have gone either way. Can say the same thing about Game 3. It's about making your breaks, taking advantage of them when you have them.

As I said, you always have to focus on the game that you're going to play that night, which is tonight. I'm not looking at, we've got momentum now we won the last two. I don't believe in that. They understand how important this game is, and so do we. It's going to be a battle out there [tonight].”

The Bruins have done a good job of once again shutting down their opponents’ top players, as Patrick Kane has just one assist in the finals and Jonathan Toews hasn’t registered a point.

But as far as Kane goes, there is one Bruin that knows Kane is the good example of how things can change quickly in a series. Tyler Seguin was teammates with Kane in the Swiss Elite League during the lockout and realizes Kane might be just one break away from finding his scoring touch again.

“Absolutely,” Seguin agreed. “Right when he gets that something, whether it’s that one goal, that one shift, he will explode just from the snap of a finger and be a whole new player. We need to be cautious that he doesn’t breakout but I think we’re playing him hard and I think we just need to stay within our system. We’ve faced some skilled players like that the last few rounds and again it’s about staying within the system no matter who it is, keep playing as a team and realize that’s why we are where we are today.”