Buccigross: B's the best so far

ESPN's John Buccigross looks back on the first 12 percent of the NHL season and declares that the Bruins are "the most impressive team in the NHL so far."

Here's a snippet from his column:

[The Bruins] have given up 11 goals in eight games. Tim Thomas has not only been the best player on his team, but might be the best player in the NHL so far, along with Steven Stamkos. Thomas had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left hip in May. Two and a half months later, I saw Thomas at a charity softball game over the summer. He wanted to play but couldn't as he was still rehabbing. Getting traded was certainly on his mind, but his demeanor was very calm. Knowing you have $15 million coming your way over three years certainly can keep one from being stressed over your job status. There is no bigger competitor in the NHL in net than Thomas, and now he has regained his health and is driven to prove himself all over again. Thomas turns 37 in April so the Bruins should still monitor his games played and use Tuukka Rask once a week."

Check out the entire column by clicking HERE.