Burnside on Savard's concussion fight

In a great piece on ESPN.com today, Scott Burnside looks at Marc Savard’s road back from the concussion he suffered last season. His return was a physical battle, but as Burnside writes, his off-ice demons proved to be the bigger fight.

March 7, 2010: Boston Bruins at Pittsburgh Penguins.

As Marc Savard takes a shot from just inside the blue line at Mellon Arena, the puck sailing wide to Marc-Andre Fleury's left, Matt Cooke catches Savard flush on the right side of the head, spinning him around so the Bruins forward ends up flat on his back. Savard's legs move as if in slow motion; his arm splays across his face.

Trainers rush to him, and teammates gather around as a stretcher appears.

Savard pauses in recounting the twists and turns his life has taken since that night.

So much has changed since that moment of uncertainty. It has been a hard road, to be sure, a road no one, least of all Savard, could have imagined. There have been physical challenges, but there also have been issues Savard never had to face before in his life.

He looks out the window of an Atlanta restaurant and wonders aloud whether somehow, some way, something good will come out of his journey back from the third documented concussion of his NHL career.

Something more than just being a better player. He'll be a better teammate, a better father, a better ex-husband, a better person.

"Maybe this is a blessing in disguise," Savard says.

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