Turk is among the coolest in sports

BOSTON -- GQ magazine recently named its Top 25 Coolest Athletes of All Time. It was no surprise that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady made the list, along with Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson.

Of the 25 names, there is only one hockey player.

Take a guess?

It’s not Bobby Orr. It’s not Wayne Gretzky. It’s not Mario Lemieux. It’s not Sidney Crosby.

It’s none other than former Bruins bad boy Derek Sanderson. Yes, the Turk.

Back in the day, he played just as hard off the ice as he did on the ice. He partied with some of the biggest names in sports and show business. After all, Sanderson was the first professional athlete to sign a $1 million contract with the WHA’s Philadelphia Blazers.

There's even been rumors that Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter was named after Sanderson. Jeter's middle name is Sanderson, but Jeter has said he's named after his grandfather.

Either way, Sanderson is, and was, one cool guy.

Let the debate begin.