Melrose: 'This is Tyler Seguin's series'

In the video above, ESPN NHL analyst previews tonight’s Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Bruins and Lightning. He thinks the Bruins will come out on top. Why? The Tyler Seguin factor, what else?

“I like the Bruins. They have all the momentum, everything is going their way,” Melrose said. “Timmy Thomas hasn’t played well, so I gotta think he’s going to rebound. I think it’ll help him to be on the road.

“But the story of this series is Tyler Seguin ... he’s come out of nowhere. ... He’s really created problems that Tampa Bay can’t handle. No. 1 is speed through the neutral zone; and No. 2, he’s a finisher. When it’s on his stick, he can put the puck in the net.

“He’s having the time of his life, he’s 19 years old playing in the conference finals. ... Tyler Seguin has really energized the Boston Bruins. He’s on fire. He’s playing with a lot of moxie, a lot of confidence. And like I said, Tampa doesn’t have an answer for him.

“Right now this is Tyler Seguin’s series. And he is the star of the Boston Bruins. And the Boston Bruins have all the mojo going back to Tampa.”