Melrose: Lack of reaction 'embarrassing' for Bruins

Retribution at Hand? PIT vs. BOS (8:42)

Pittsburgh and Boston face off, but will winning the game be the only goal? (8:42)

ESPN hockey analysts Barry Melrose and E.J. Hradek discussed tonight’s showdown game between the Bruins and Penguins, which is the first meeting between the teams since Matt Cooke’s blindside hit knocked out Boston star Marc Savard.

Melrose thinks the Bruins should have avenged the hit on Savard right after it took place.

“Boston should have handled it right there,” Melrose said. “Boston should have gone after Matt Cooke went it happened. You see your best player laying on the ice unconscious and they are all standing around looking. No one goes over to Matt Cooke or even says anything to him. It was a very embarrassing moment for the Boston Bruins.”

That being said, Melrose said he doesn’t expect many fireworks at the Garden tonight.

“I don’t expect much to happen because it’s too important a game,” Melrose said. “They blew their chance to have something happen. Boston’s got to win this game. You can’t risk taking a five-minute major at the start of the game and letting the Pittsburgh power play score three goals right off the bat.”

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