Jacobs: 'This is a wonderful experience'

BOSTON -- Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs held a news conference Sunday morning at TD Garden, touching on a variety of topics, including his emotions during Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals and his family's hope to own the Bruins for another 36 years.

The news conference led off with Jacobs being asked his thoughts about the Bruins being in the Stanley Cup finals for the first times since 1990.

Jacobs, who sat in front of a single microphone with his arms folded in front of him, answered by saying he didn't need a reminder of how long it's been.

"You can't have any more pride than I enjoyed this morning. I just feel very lucky and very fortunate to be where I am," he said. "As a fan, as a principal, as a custodian of a great franchise, this is a wonderful experience. I can't speak enough for the total organization. I'm just so proud of what they've achieved. As a fan, you look at it and say, 'Look at what happened Friday night in this building' and it's what this city deserves and [for] this fan base, it's long overdue. I just commend the guys on the ice."

Jacobs was later asked his vision for the franchise, and the NHL, in the future.

"I'm extremely proud to own this franchise," he responded, calling it a great civic asset. "We're in good shape, the family is fortunately in position where we can continue to own this franchise for generations going forward. We've brought great stability to this franchise. It's been in the Jacobs family for 36 years, and I would be proud if it could stay there for the next 36 years."