Reaction roundup: Horton hit

BOSTON -- Bruins forward Nathan Horton remained hospitalized on Monday night after leaving Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals on a stretcher following a scary first-period collision with Vancouver defenseman Aaron Rome. Here's a roundup of reaction on the hit:

Bruins coach Claude Julien: “I think what I would call it is it was a blindside hit that we've talked about taking out of the game,” said Bruins coach Claude Julien. “[Horton] made the pass. [The hit] was late. [Rome] came from the blindside. Whether it's through the motion of the hit, it appeared he left his feet a little bit. You know, again, that’s my view on it. I’m not going to comment more than that. Say what I always say: Let the league take care of it. We’re trying to clean that out. Let’s see where they go with that.”

Bruins forward Mark Recchi: “We talked about obviously playing for Horty,” said Bruins forward Mark Recchi. “He’s been a great teammate all year for us, been a great guy. It's tough to see your teammate laying down there on the ice. We knew it was a late hit. But we're more concerned about his health at this time. The league can take care of the rest.”

Bruins forward Shawn Thornton: "I think those type of hits, we have to get out of the game. That’s the culture that’s been in there the last couple of years. That’s the rule -- lateral contact, hits to the head. I don’t think there’s any place for that, but it’s in the league’s hands. They will do what they deem [appropriate].”

Bruins forward Daniel Paille: "Yeah, it was a big hit and, for us, we wanted to give ourselves a chance for him to come back if he can and obviously it was a win for him tonight because he's doing alright from what I hear. But obviously he's still hurting pretty bad."

Bruins forward Milan Lucic: "You have to look at it closely. From what I saw, it was a little bit late. That's all I can really say... I didn’t see it. I was the recipient of the pass. Looking at it after, it looked like was late. I went up to [Horton] on the ice, looked at him, and he was responsive towards me, so that was a good sign."

Vancouver forward Henrik Sedin: “It’s not fun. I hope he’s OK. It’s never fun to see a guy go down like that. I saw it on the big screen. I haven’t really seen the replay, but from what I saw I thought it was a late hit, but I don’t think it was a blindside... You don’t like to see a guy laid out like that. But Romer is an honest player. It wasn’t blindside, just a little late.”

Vancouver forward Alexandre Burrows: "I didn't see the hit, to be honest with you. Obviously, I would like to look at the replay, but I thought we killed the penalty and moved on from there. So I don't think it had a big impact."