Bruins players react to Horton, Rome news

BOSTON -- A sampling of Bruins players' reactions to the news that Nathan Horton was out for the rest of the Stanley Cup finals (severe concussion) and Aaron Rome's subsequent four-game suspension:

* Michael Ryder: "Horty is a big part of our team. He's been huge for us all season in the playoffs. We're definitely going to miss him. It's not my call how many games Rome gets or whatever. The league just decided that four was it. Everybody is going to have to deal with that."

* Milan Lucic: "It's the league's decision. They have a hard job definitely with these kind of things. regardless, it doesn't bring Nathan back. He's been one of if not our best forward throughout the playoffs. It's a big loss for us, but it's an opportunity for someone now to step up. We need someone now to step up. Like I said, Nathan has been one of our best players. We still have to go out there and focus on what we need to do in order to have some success."

* Patrice Bergeron: "I think it's significant. He's not going to come back. He's done for the playoffs. Losing Horts, you know, you can't replace him."

* More Bergeron: “It’s tough to watch. You don’t want to see that happen to anyone on either side, but when it’s your teammate, who you know well, it’s even harder to watch. It’s tough. I was expecting something, to be honest with you. I knew the league would take care of it, and they did,” Bergeron said.

* Shawn Thornton: “Losing a player like Horty is a big loss. He’s been unbelievable during the playoffs. He has scored a lot of unbelievable goals and he’s a great teammate. It’s not going to be easy, but other guys have to step up and do a little more now.”