Bruins need to feed off fans tonight

BOSTON -- The home team hasn’t lost in the Stanley Cup finals heading into Game 6 tonight at TD Garden. The Bruins have won five straight at home, and following what they hope wasn’t their last morning skate of the season, made it clear they intend on using what they expect to be another raucous crowd cheering them on.

“We’re definitely counting on it and obviously, it worked in our favor, we were able to feed off the crowd’s energy and we expect the same going into tonight’s game,” winger Milan Lucic said. “And like you said, it could go up even another level, you know, it’s an exciting time, it doesn’t, even though we’re down a game here, you know, it’s game six here, it doesn’t get any better than this. So as a team, like I said, after last game we’re excited about the opportunity and I know the fans are too.”

Lucic also realizes that win or lose, this is the Bruins last home game of what has been a memorable 2010-11 season, and he and the Bruins would love to send their fans home happy one last time.

“Yeah, and we definitely want to end it off on a good note,” Lucic said. “So you know, it’s an opportunity for us to get back in the series, it’s an opportunity for us to win our last home game, and you know, like you said, the fans were loud last game, they were excited, and they’re even more excited going into this game. Like I said, it’s a great experience so far, it’s a great opportunity, and we want to make the most of it.”

Winger Michael Ryder believes he and his teammates need to feed off the energy from the fans and translate it into physical play and momentum.

“I think it’s going to be, you just get the momentum early, you know, and come out and show those guys that they’re in for a game and that’s what we want to do,” Ryder said. “And once we do that, it seems like we have a lot more success and we get to control the play and make the, start that early in the game, get our game going and everything will fall into place from there.”